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like the game design and idea but two issues
« en: 29 de Junio de 2018, 12:34:17 pm »

well, this game is the perfect example how should be the development of turn based strategy to survive in the market as a genre, playing all night long and enjoy it very much, the management options, for troop recruit and/or upgrade, defensive system allocations and the tactics at hand to defeat tactically and strategically an enemy are all great features for simulation and management game, i played boardgames for some 20 years now and enjoy them very much, this design can be under a point of view of some of the greatest market hits on the boardgame market recently, thanks for this very good game, now with the issues, only what displeased me, added in to have to say it in this post is that it seems there are not capability to load a multiplayer game, this is minor issue, most of nowadays games do not have load feature for multiplayer, but the other issue is more painfull, it is to not have hotseat option, i usually play with two to four friends on hotseat and this game will shine at it, you can finish even more than one single game on one night, feature not given in most war/strategy games on the market, i do not know how difficult will be to implement a hotseat feature or if it is planned for patches upcoming but only want to give it here for the development team to know,  anu suggestions.?

Please help.

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